With the rapid development of China’s industry, the rapid development of the industry in recent years, the expansion of domestic demand, environmental pollution to the industry of environmental protection equipment has brought tremendous opportunities for development, enterprises producing environmental protection equipment ushered in an important period of development.
An environmental protection equipment company located in Liyang, Jiangsu Province, needs to increase two production lines in order to expand its industrial scale. The related equipment includes bending machine, shearing machine and punching machine. At that time, it was also the choice of many bending machine manufacturers in China. After various understandings, it finally chose Shengda Heavy Industry CNC bending machine and shearing machine.
In order to formulate a more scientific and economical sheet metal scheme, Shengda Heavy Industries dispatched two professional technicians to the scene to select its type. Finally, a 170 ton 4 m*2 double-machine electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, two 8*4 m CNC gate shears and a press were determined. Shengda Heavy Industry’s professional technology, good service and stable products have been recognized by customers.
The following picture shows the customer’s product use site.