Today, with the rapid development of industry, there are many ways of thick plate forming, the most common way is cutting and welding, but the problems of bubble and strength still exist, so some special industries will use large bending machines to manufacture workpieces. This way can make the thick plate rapid prototyping, but also maintain the consistency of material strength and density. At the same time, it can reduce the production cost and meet the high requirements of the industry.
The purchase of large-scale bending machine requires the user to discuss the specific requirements with the manufacturer.
For example, this customer from Qingyuan, Guangdong, visited Shengda Heavy Industries twice before purchasing and discussed in detail the requirements of machine tools. Wang Jun, chief engineer of our company, according to the actual use requirements and actual conditions of customers, provided a variety of options for customers to choose. Finally, the two sides reached an agreement and signed the contract.
Nine months later, Shengda Heavy Industries completed the project on schedule within the time limit required by customers, and successfully debugged once after customer site assembly. Both sides have achieved satisfactory results.

The machine runs steadily


Customer Workshop for Manufacturing Automotive Parts


Following are the photos of the stage of the bending machine:


Split Transportation

Assembly and debugging