At present, Shanghai; Yangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Nantong; Bowang, Anhui; Guangdong; Huangshi, Hunan, Tianshui, Gansu, etc. have become the industrial agglomeration areas of China’s hydraulic bending machines. The products in each area have their own unique market positioning, basically meeting the needs of the domestic market.
In recent years, sheet metal market is very hot, bending machine demand is strong, the overall industry has developed well. Many sheet metal enterprises have experienced the accumulation of funds in the early stage, and began to change to the direction of NC bending machine with higher processing accuracy, higher processing efficiency, better reliability and higher automation, in order to enhance their competitiveness. This phenomenon is more obvious in coastal cities, which leads the market to develop towards high-precision, high-speed and fully automatic equipment.
On the other hand, the production enterprises of bending machines, new product development capabilities and market competitiveness have been greatly improved, some of which have reached the international advanced level. China’s large construction machinery, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing and so on have also promoted the development of China’s heavy-duty large-scale bending machine.