Cyb Touch 8, referred to as CT8, Swiss Spock products, professional electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine system. It is praised as the best CNC system in the industry.
It has the following characteristics:
Touch screen: 7 “color CRT display screen, 800 x 600 pixels, controllable LED backlight.
Full graphical programming interface.
Angle direct programming.
Event/time trigger mode is adopted, which is more efficient and reliable.
It is totally different from the built-in PLC of the traditional CNC, through the working mode of circular scanning.
Standard 3 + 1 axis (Y1 + Y2 + X + V); optional R axis.
Automatic calculation of main pressure and automatic control of deflection compensation.
Angle, back shield fast calibration.
EasyBend page for easy single bending processing.
Multilingual support.


Debugging function: CybTouch 8PS unique intelligent navigation debugging function, so that the machine debugging process is clear, accurate, safe and efficient
Communication Port: RFlink, wireless communication technology. Through a RFlink USB card, the PC computer is directly connected with the CNC system to realize software refresh, data upload and download and many other operations.
Technical Advantages: Cortex_M3, the latest 32-bit ARM technology, and STM32 ARM CPU are used in the core, which is the leading powerful processor in the industry.
Software: Relying on CYBELEC’s latest FASTWARE Technology
Wireless transmission function, backup parameters, refresh software
Real-time monitoring of slider action curve through off-line tools and wireless connection to CNC system