NC Presbrake of Torsion Shaft Synchronous Bending Machine
Bending accuracy: In the same procedure, only the first step can be accurately bent.
Slider speed: also has fast down and slow down function, but not smooth.
Back gauge accuracy: AC motor positioning, accuracy error > 0.5mm.
Back stop speed: 100mm/s.
CNC system: digital programming (angle programming), no other functions.
Angle calibration: manual calibration, mostly adjust the inclined block in the clamping die, there is no adjustment standard.
Cylinder: Purchase of cylinders from local small factories, with short life, frequent breakdowns and frequent oil leakage.
Hydraulic valves: domestic hydraulic valves, unstable quality, often no hydraulic pressure.


CNC press brake of electro-hydraulic servo numerical control bending machine
Bending accuracy: In the same procedure, each step can be bent accurately.
Slider speed: It has the function of fast and slow down, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.
Back gauge accuracy: servo motor accurate positioning, accuracy up to 0.02mm.
Back stop speed: 300mm/s.
CNC system: Angle programming (graphical programming), automatic calculation of bending pressure, automatic deflection compensation, multi-point numerical control positioning of back shield.
Angle calibration: Intelligent calibration of CNC system, simple and fast.
Cylinder: Domestic first-line brand cylinder, long life, wear-resistant, very little oil leakage.
Hydraulic Valve: The imported ARGO hydraulic valve group from Germany is of good quality and super durability.