Everyone knows the importance of hydraulic system in hydraulic machinery, and a stable and high-precision hydraulic system needs a high price.
The function of the hydraulic system is to increase the force by changing the pressure. A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely power components, executive components, control components, auxiliary components and hydraulic oil. Hydraulic system is widely used in all kinds of machinery.


Because of the different synchronization principle, the bending machine can be divided into two types: torsion synchronization bending machine and electro-hydraulic servo numerical control bending machine. Torsion synchronization bending machine only needs to provide cylinder work, and there is no requirement for hydraulic accuracy, so most of them use domestic valves to reduce costs. Hydraulic automatic numerical control bending machine relies on hydraulic proportional valve to control the cylinder work, which requires very high hydraulic accuracy, so most of the imported valves are used to improve the stability of the machine. Of all the import valves, German is the most famous. Shengda Heavy Industry Bending Machine adopts the German ARGO Hydraulic Proportional Valve. German ARGO Company began to produce hydraulic valves in 1956. It is also one of the first manufacturers to successfully develop the hydraulic proportional valves of electro-hydraulic servo bending machine. Welcome bosses to consult.