CNC bending machine is divided into two kinds: twist shaft synchronous bending machine and electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine.
Taking the electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine (SDS series) of Shengda Heavy Industry as an example, how to prolong the service life of the machine is discussed.
1. Although it has the function of intelligent anti-biasing, do not long-term biasing! Do not long-term bias! Do not long-term bias!
The important thing is to say three times, especially when bending thick plates, it is forbidden to use unbalanced loads. Otherwise, light bending will not move, and heavy bending will lead to the most serious consequences – frame deformation.
2. Add lubricating oil to the transmission shaft regularly.
3. The rear shield should not impact too hard, otherwise the parallelism of the rear shield must be adjusted again.
4. The groove of the bending machine should be used according to the thickness of the plate, otherwise it is easy to jump.
5. Non-professionals should not debug the position of the inclined iron block in the middle of the clamping die.