How to choose CNC bending machine?
The selection of CNC bending machine needs comprehensive consideration. A good CNC bending machine can improve the production efficiency and save labor costs. Few faults can also make the production line continue to create profits and keep the factory competitive advantage. When a defective CNC bender is purchased, all the troubles will follow. Therefore, the selection of CNC bending machine should be correct, and the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer should be taken into account.
How to choose CNC bending machine?
1. Determine the type of bending machine. According to the workpiece material, the maximum length and thickness are calculated. For example, when processing stainless steel, the maximum thickness is 3mm and the maximum length is 3mm, the model of 110 tons and 3.2m can be selected. Larger models mark an increase in procurement costs and a waste of resources.
2. Budget the cost of purchasing funds. After determining the model, take this model of 110 tons 3.2 meters as an example. Generally speaking, if the purchasing cost of the bender wants to be controlled at about 100,000 yuan, only the twist-axis synchronous CNC bender is selected, because only this type of CNC bender is the cheapest. If the budget is less than 200,000, it is recommended to choose electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, which has the characteristics of higher processing accuracy, higher production efficiency and longer service life. If the budget is less than 300,000, it is recommended to choose the pump-controlled servo CNC bending machine, which has too many advantages to be repeated.
3. Know the manufacturer. We can’t determine the purchase just by looking at the price. We must contact the manufacturer and understand the manufacturer. Each manufacturer’s product positioning is different. Some manufacturers produce synchronous bending machine for torsion shaft all the year round. It is obviously unreasonable to purchase high-grade electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine from such manufacturer, even if the price is lower. We must believe that only professional manufacturers can do a good job of professional equipment.
4. Understand the terms of after-sales service. Perfect after-sales service is also the embodiment of the strength of manufacturers.