This time, I will introduce some questions about how much CNC bending machine is used in stainless steel industry, hoping to help friends who want to know about CNC bending machine used in stainless steel industry.


In order to know how much the CNC bending machine for stainless steel is, first of all, we need to know the relevant knowledge of the CNC bending machine for stainless steel industry.
CNC bending machine stainless steel industry has a wide range of applications, stainless steel material elasticity is relatively large, raw material prices are relatively expensive, the thickness of a variety of products, most of the production of exquisite high-end metal products, so for CNC bending machine accuracy and production efficiency requirements are relatively high.
SDS series electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine of Shengda Heavy Industry Company can complete different specifications and thicknesses according to the replacement of the corresponding dies as long as the hydraulic pressure range permits.
1. Using electro-hydraulic proportional servo synchronous structure, the tool can be controlled at any point in the stroke, and the repetition accuracy is as high as (+0.01 mm) and the parallelism is as high as 0.02 mm.
2. Hydraulic deflection compensation cylinder is used in the lower stage, and the upper die is equipped with a quick clamping device of the die.
3. The grating ruler of computer system, valve assembly of hydraulic system and servo motor are all imported. They have good synchronization performance, strong anti-bias capacity and short hydraulic response time.
4. Ball screw, linear guide rail and servo motor are used for rear shield, which has high repetition accuracy and fast positioning speed.
5. Customized rear shield with 4 or more axes, manipulator or sheet metal flexible machining center, etc.
In addition, CNC bending machine is used in the manufacturing of chassis cabinet, stainless steel industry, curtain wall industry, household appliances industry, elevator industry, automobile industry and other fields.
After understanding the relevant knowledge of CNC bending machine, let’s know how much the CNC bending machine for stainless steel is.
The rapid development of CNC bending machine industry has intensified the competition in CNC bending machine market. In order to gain advantages in the competition, manufacturers are constantly innovating in technology, function and new design of appearance style. Market performance shows that the factory is not interested in low-quality, low-cost, low-end three-low CNC bending machine, on the contrary, high-end products with novel design and advanced functions have won the favor of more factory owners. Shengda Heavy Industries stands out in this highly competitive period, and its company’s product quality assurance and perfect after-sales service have won more factory praise.


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