Guidance: Dalian Machine Tool broke out in debt default at the end of last year. As of July 24, 2017, the company and its subsidiaries owed 4.888 billion yuan in interest. Four leasing companies, such as Hebei leasing, CAAC leasing, Xinda leasing and Great Wall leasing, trampled on mines, totaling 24.8172 million yuan in arrears.

Whether for leasing companies or machine tool industry enterprises, there are certain risks in leasing business.
When the customer defaults, the enterprise may need to provide joint and several guarantee liability for the next visitor, buy back the machine involved in the customer default or pay the customer’s arrears to the financial leasing company, etc.
Taking these risks into account, manufacturing enterprises are reducing their financial leasing business, and the proportion of financial leasing revenue in total revenue has also dropped from 10.53% in 2015 to 4.32% in 2016.

The dilemma of the industry is first talent business, then business problems, as well as financial problems. These problems are the key factors that perplex the rapid growth of leasing enterprises, the rapid quality of their services and their competitiveness. So many enterprises have made a lot of attempts in these areas, the most typical of which is Shenyang Machine Tool Group. From 2007 to 2013, Shenyang Machine Tool Group invested 1 billion yuan to tackle the core technology of “i5 System”, pioneering leasing methods, making use of the advantages of various resources, combining financial tools, service networks and core technologies. The profits of the leasing business have doubled dramatically. At present, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has further promoted the i5 leasing business.
In addition, the development of CNC bending machine leasing in China is slow. On the one hand, the unit price is not high, the price of a single machine is mostly less than 200,000, and the pressure of customers to buy is not great. On the other hand, the threshold of financial leasing companies is high, far from meeting the 400,000 standard. Only a small number of CNC bending machine manufacturers are under competitive pressure and still maintain the leasing mode. Editor predicts that the future trend and development of CNC bending machine rental market in China is not optimistic.
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