Today, I bring you some questions about how to choose the weight of aluminum veneer bender to judge the performance and quality of the bender and related introduction. I hope to help some friends who want to know how to choose the weight of aluminum veneer bender to judge the performance and quality of the bender.
With the continuous progress of modern society, some new building decoration materials, aluminum veneer, have entered our lives. You may not pay much attention to the place, have begun to use this material. But the more new things emerge, the more likely they are to have a variety of problems, especially in the field of building curtain walls, which means that there will be many places for people to visit or live. As an aluminium veneer manufacturer, safety is the most important, so the selection of aluminium veneer bender with good performance and quality is also the most important thing that many purchasers need to pay attention to. The following articles will introduce to you one by one.


Excellent performance is a good bender
1. Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine has many advantages, including precise bending angle, high intelligence, strong anti-eccentric load capacity, high production efficiency, long service life and so on. According to the market demand, Shengda Heavy Industry CNC bending machine not only achieves accuracy, efficiency and durability, but also enlarges throat depth and opening height in the bending machine structure, and enlarges rear shield material to meet the needs of the industry to a greater extent. Of course, there are also many purchasers who are interested in its beauty.
Ultra-high precision is a good bender
2. Aluminum veneer of curtain wall usually needs high quality CNC bending machine to be processed. The common thickness of curtain wall veneer is 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 mm, the model is 3003, and the state is H24. The larger size is 1220*2440 mm under normal conditions. The accuracy of aluminium veneer can be divided into the accuracy of folding angle and the accuracy of folding width, both of which are indispensable. Therefore, it is also required that the angle accuracy of the bending machine should be reflected in the correctness of the angle of both sides and the middle position. The angle of three positions within one meter is not more than 0.5 degrees. The Shengda Heavy Industries Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC bending machine has reached the national standard, and the precision of back shield material is as high as 0.02mm. Among them, hydraulic deflection compensation plays an important role, and it is also a patent technology independently developed by Shengda Heavy Industries.
Quality is the criterion for judging bending machine
3. The structure of electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine is mainly composed of electro-hydraulic synchronous structure, all-steel welding frame, hydraulic system, CNC system, electrical parts and related components. Imported components such as Swiss Spock CNC system, German ARGO hydraulic proportional valve, Taiwan TBI linear guide and ball screw, and Japanese seal ring are all used in the important parts of Shengda Heavy Industries’electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine. The quality is fully guaranteed.
Above is a detailed description of the selection of aluminum veneer bender in judging the performance and quality of the bender. To learn more about the selection of aluminum veneer bender in judging the performance and quality of the bender, please consult Shengda Heavy Industry SDMT customer service.