Today, I will bring you some questions about the application occasions of the CNC bending machine and related introductions. I hope to help some friends who want to know the application occasions of the CNC bending machine.

There are many models of CNC bending machines, and different types of machines are suitable for different occasions.
The CNC bending machine is suitable for single-piece, small-batch and multi-variety parts, with good angular dimension consistency, high productivity and semi-automation, and high equipment flexibility.


First, in stainless steel, machinery, automotive, electric power, door industry, advertising, decoration, chassis cabinets and other industries, it is important to use CNC bending machine to perform sheet metal bending work, to complete your sheet metal task conveniently and quickly;
Second, some sheet metal workpieces have complex shapes, many angles, and high precision requirements, which are difficult to accomplish with ordinary bending machines.
Third, some equipment uses stainless steel cover, requiring no indentation;
Fourth, some thick plates require good sealing, strength, and less welding;
5. CNC bending machine is the ideal equipment to solve the above problems. The equipment can be used with the matching laser cutting machine or shearing machine to complete the cutting work before bending, high precision, high efficiency, safety and high assembly quality.

The above is a detailed explanation of the application occasions of the CNC bending machine. If you want to know more about the applicable occasions of the CNC bending machine, please consult Shanda Heavy Industry SDMT customer service.