Today, I will bring you some questions about the stability and related introduction of the customized automatic CNC bending machine. I hope to help some friends who want to understand the stability of the customized automatic CNC bending machine.

Today, with the rapid development of China’s industry, the development of sheet metal equipment has always been in the heat of summer. Many sheet metal business owners are facing industrial upgrading, or in order to improve their competitiveness, or upgrade their equipment, one of which is purchased. Or a number of better quality automatic CNC bending machines is an important link, so the sheet metal business owner needs to fully understand the fully automatic CNC bending machine to understand its superior performance, stability and service life, among which the stability is specific. What does it mean? The following article begins.
1. The stability of the CNC system. The numerical control system is the brain of the bending machine. Its unstable performance often crashes, and the library of the library is automatically emptied.
2. Stability of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system refers to the hydraulic valve group, the cylinder oil circuit and the oil pump motor. Its unstable performance is mainly in the hydraulic valve group. For example, the pressure does not respond quickly, the pressure is unstable, and the cylinder automatically slides down.
3. Stability of the electrical system. Electrical system refers to the electrical components of the electrical box. Its unstable performance is characterized by no fast response or frequent burnout.

The above is the detailed explanation of the choice of custom automatic CNC bending machine, want to know more about the stability of the selection of custom automatic CNC bending machine, please consult Shanda Heavy Industry SDMT customer service.