Today, I will bring you some questions about the first step of the selection of CNC bending machine and related introductions. I hope to help some friends who want to understand the first step of CNC bending machine selection.

There are many classifications of CNC bending machines. Let me introduce you to the selection method.
1. According to the budget start-up capital selection, select the twisting axis CNC bending machine below 100,000 yuan, and choose the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine below 200,000.
2. Determine the processing material, maximum thickness, maximum length, and calculate the required working pressure of the bending machine. Such as 50 tons 1.5 meters, 80 tons 2.5 meters, 110 tons 3.2 meters, 170 tons 4 meters and so on.
3. Determine the degree of CNC required based on the accuracy required of the workpiece. Such as: single material for the back gauge, double shaft, etc.
4. According to the level of the workers, determine the numerical control system for operation, such as: e21, e300, da41, da52, ct8, da58t, ct12, etc.
5. Determine the specific parameters of the mold according to the shape of the workpiece. Such as: square mold, same core mold, frame cutter mold, large curved knife mold, small curved knife mold, sharp knife mold and so on.

The above is the detailed explanation of the first step of the selection of CNC bending machine. If you want to know more about the first step of the selection of CNC bending machine, please contact Shanda Heavy Industry SDMT customer service.