Today, I will bring you some questions about the selection of professional manufacturers and related introductions for custom automatic CNC bending machines. I hope that some friends who want to know the custom automatic CNC bending machine need to choose professional manufacturers.

Fully automatic CNC bending machine, C-frame all-steel welding, electro-hydraulic synchronous structure, using German imported hydraulic valve group ARGO, Swiss Spock CNC system, Japan imported hydraulic sealing ring and other important parts, suitable for stainless steel, aluminum single Plate, steel plate and other metal materials.


The general CNC bending machine manufacturers have common specifications and models: 50t/1500, 80t/2500, 110t/3200, 110t/4000, 130t/3200, 130t/4000, etc. There are more models here. An enumeration. However, some models required by the industry are not common. For example, 1000t, almost no manufacturer has a spot. At this time, custom automatic CNC bending machines need to carefully select professional manufacturers.
There are generally several ways:
One high and one low: high configuration + low price.
1. High cost performance is always king. Some customers find a circle and finally find dealers. It is very easy to distinguish the real manufacturers. In fact, one thing to understand is that the custom machine only has the core technology of the manufacturer, and the dealer has no technology but will interfere with your decision. So find a manufacturer to see the technology in order to get the lowest price.
A soft and hard: soft power + hard power.
2, soft power is the strength of talent and the industry resources behind it. Talent refers to engineers. If you can talk directly with engineers face to face, you can learn a lot of design techniques and take less detours for your customization. The industry resources behind the enterprise are actually very important. The lower procurement cost also indicates that your cost is low, and your customization is more technically guaranteed. Hard power means processing equipment, turn around in the enterprise workshop, ask your questions and ask the boss, you can know whether your products can be produced according to the standard.

The above is the choice of custom automatic CNC bending machine needs to choose the professional manufacturer’s detailed explanation, want to know more about the choice of custom automatic CNC bending machine need to choose professional manufacturers related issues, please consult Shanda Heavy Industry SDMT customer service.