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It is very very important to have clear brand strategy

The enterprise with faith will pay high attention on the interests of its agents, SDMT stick on a sustainable development strategy, insist on the direction of different product and different marketing, always running on a path of innovation and independence. SDMT reinforce to forge with our agents into a integrity, in the near future, SDMT sales and services network will cover 80% of cities and countries in China, and will spread to the world as a whole.

With the success of the company,

With the success of the company, the wealth of the hands can be obtainedWith the success of the company, the wealth of the hands can be obtainedWith the success of the company, the wealth of the hands can be obtained

1. The development of full CNC Press Brake has become a trend

The full CNC Press brake has fast processing speed, stable and durable, direct angle programming, improved quality, improved labor efficiency, reduced labor cost, greatly shortened the production cycle of the product, and fully meets the increasingly high industry of the sheet metal industry. Claim.

2. Strong research and development strength

SDMT has its own strong research and development capabilities, has more than ten patents, and carries out rigorous testing of its products. It provides high-quality, deep-connotation and high-quality sheet metal equipment products, which can be used throughout the world to be stable, durable, high-precision and efficient. Full CNC press Brake.

3. Strong strength, the world

The Internet is growing stronger, the network is everywhere, the speed of transmission is comparable to the speed of light, and all kinds of creative advertisements are in full view. Shanda Heavy Industries has launched a large number of advertisements in Baidu, 360 and Sogou, and major media and malls such as Taobao and Alibaba have launched brand promotion.

Join in SDMT

With the success of the company,

01.Initial procedure

Company introduction, joining conditions and visiting the exhibition hall


Instructing franchisees to conduct market research

03.Evaluation and selection

After negotiation, whether it meets the joining criteria

04.Market survey

Market situation, competitors, etc.

05.Draft agreement

Submit store floor plan, personnel training application


Whether it meets the requirements, whether the personnel are in place

07.Sign cooperation agreement

The two parties signed a dealer agreement

Sales statistic in recent years

With the success of the company,

The next 5-10 years is golden age for SDMT, we are willing to join with smart person to climb to our summit and enjoy the glory.


With the success of the company,

SDMT is committed to promoting the brand effect and providing our distributors with suggestions such as store decoration design and advertisement promotion. One-to-one professional team services provide dealers with product brochures, product video,etc, And in addition, to promote the SDMT brand on the Internet and increase your sales!

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With the success of the company,