Curtain wall industry is relatively special, generally large companies, the use of materials are mostly aluminum veneer, the order volume is generally larger, so the production efficiency is required to be high. With the increasingly fierce market competition, customers demand shorter and shorter production cycle, so they need high efficiency and precision of manufacturing equipment. Common production equipment are laser cutting machine, electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, shearing machine, (CNC) punch, welding machine and small grinding and cutting tools.
Early curtain wall industry companies mostly purchased imported CNC bending shears and laser cutting machines, but in recent years, with the rapid development of domestic sheet metal shears and laser equipment, product technology has gradually approached the international cutting-edge level, and has a high cost-effective, stable and reliable quality. Now it has completely replaced Jin. Port equipment.
The most prominent brands of fully automatic CNC bending machine are: Jinfangyuan in Jiangsu, Shengda Heavy Industry in Nanjing, Yawei in Jiangsu, Switzerland Railway in Shanghai, etc.
The outstanding brands of laser cutting machines are: large clusters of lasers, Huachuang lasers, etc.