Stainless steel industry covers a wide range of industries, involving more, all materials are stainless steel, can be collectively referred to as the stainless steel industry, more typical stainless steel furniture, bus platforms, advertising signs, decoration, cabinets and so on. Specific stainless steel forming equipment used in a variety of, most of the equipment has bending machine, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, CNC punch, hydraulic press, winding machine and so on. Because of the large elasticity of stainless steel and the tensile strength of about 600 MPa, the blade material of stainless steel shears mostly adopts better 6CrW2Si. The stainless steel bending machine has been continuously developed. The application of hydraulic servo pump technology has been gradually popularized. Compared with ordinary hydraulic bending machine, it saves 30-50% of power and reduces noise by 20dB. Above.


Throughout the history of the development of stainless steel bending machine, we can easily see the development process of the bending machine from mechanization to intellectualization. How many scientists and technicians behind this have worked hard to research and develop, which has made our stainless steel bending machine win a little applause in the international community. Let’s cheer for the scientific researchers of these bending machine enterprises.