CNC bending machine is divided into two kinds: twist shaft synchronous bending machine and electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine.
The bending machine of synchronous bending machine of torsion shaft needs manual adjustment, so it needs to compare the bending pressure gauge to estimate the pressure needed by the workpiece. The pressure setting is too small to bend.
Electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine We take Shengda Heavy Industry Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine as an example, using the special CNC system of electro-hydraulic bending machine. When programming, we need to input the material, thickness, length, angle and other specific contents. The CNC system will automatically calculate the bending pressure, and give the corresponding pressure, without manual adjustment. Festival. When the bending pressure is slightly insufficient, the numerical control system can also increase the pressure value to meet the pressure requirements.