SDKL series Grooving machine

This equipment is a full CNC sheet metal slotting machine (grooving machine, stainless steel V groove machine, planing machine). It is designed and manufactured according to the special needs of the middle and high-end decoration industry, elevator manufacturing and other industries. It can be used for the elevators, decorative materials, etc. for the stainless steel sheet, iron plate, copper plate and other materials. Stainless steel processing, household appliances, props and other industries that require high-precision processing of sheet metal.
Some special workpieces can’t be bent in the bending machine, or the special design of the complex mold is used to complete the product, but by controlling the depth of the V-groove of the metal sheet by the CNC stainless steel router, This special bending type can also be bent on a common bending machine by a general-purpose mold. In detail, the thickness of the remaining sheet material of the V-groove in the last bending process is controlled to about 0.3 mm. The rebound angle of the bending process is small, and the rectangular tube of the planer will not rebound and deform after molding.

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The CNC press brake is a high-precision heavy-duty machine with a wide range of applications, and there are slight differences in the bending machines used in different industries.
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