Heavy rear material structure

Floor-standing heavy-duty rear material, double-rail beam design, high strength while maintaining high parallelism. The servo-driven X-axis enables fast and precise positioning. It is also detachable design, easy to assemble, and reduces transportation difficulty and cost.

Frame mesh structure

Mesh beam, detachable frame design, higher strength, easy to resist deformation.

Domestic first-class brand cylinder

Adopting domestic first-class brand cylinders, high stroke, long guiding, large cylinder diameter ratio, the efficiency can be increased by 30% compared with the same period. The cylinder is controlled by proportional valve and can be accurately synchronized.

World class HoerBiger hydraulic system

World class HoerBiger hydraulic system…

Customized integral quenching and bending mold

88 degree multi-V standard mold for a variety of plate thickness. The workbench has motorized mechanical compensation function.

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The CNC bending machine is a high-precision heavy-duty machine with a wide range of applications, and there are slight differences in the bending machines used in different industries.
Please describe your requirements or problem details in detail, including your industry, metal material, board thickness, length, and shape drawing of the workpiece.
The company’s sales methods are flexible, and various accessories can be customized with customers, and different accessories have different prices.
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