NC Press Brake

Optimized structure, faster speed, better quality

Adopt CNC system, angle programming function, interface is simple and easy to understand, reduce workers’ work requirements
New adjustable torsion shaft synchronization structure (patented technology) for long-term accuracy
Dual servo drive technology (Y+X axis), high positioning accuracy and fast speed
Rear material X-axis with high-precision ball screw, beam with linear guide, high parallelism
Imported hydraulic system and domestic first-line brand cylinders, stable quality
New mold quick clamping device for high work efficiency
Optional hydraulic compensation system, automatic angle correction

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The CNC bending machine is a high-precision heavy-duty machine with a wide range of applications, and there are slight differences in the bending machines used in different industries.
Please describe your requirements or problem details in detail, including your industry, metal material, board thickness, length, and shape drawing of the workpiece.
The company’s sales methods are flexible, and various accessories can be customized with customers, and different accessories have different prices.
It is recommended to contact us by email.

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